Presiding Bishop

Presiding Bishop
   The name given to the Senior Bishop by consecration of the American Church, who presides in the House of Bishops and in the General Convention when both Houses meet as one body. When the Convention is not in session he acts as Primate of the American Church. Following is the list of those Bishops who have acted as
   Presiding Bishops:
   1 -- Bishop Seabury from Nov. 14, 1784, to Feb. 25, 1796.
   2 -- Bishop White from Feb. 25, 1796 to July 17, 1836.
   3 -- Bishop Griswold from July 17, 1836, to Feb. 16, 1842.
   4 -- Bishop Chase from Feb. 16, 1842, to Sept. 20, 1852.
   5 -- Bishop Brownell from Sept. 20, 1852, to Jan. 13, 1865.
   6 -- Bishop Hopkins from Jan. 13, 1865, to Jan. 9, 1868.
   7 -- Bishop Smith from Jan. 9, 1868, to May 31, 1884.
   8 -- Bishop Lee from May 31, 1884 to April 12, 1887.
   9 -- Bishop Williams from April 12, 1887 to Feb. 7, 1899.
   10 -- Bishop Clark from Feb. 7, 1899.

American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia. — New York, Thomas Whittaker. . 1901.

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